Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications/experience?
I am a licensed esthetician and a state certified makeup artist. I have been doing makeup professionally for over 7 years. Prior experience includes makeup and hair styling for commercial photography, film, and bridal.
What makes airbrush makeup special?
Airbrush makeup is a light weight makeup applied with an air gun. It produces a thin, even layer of makeup that feels light, provides a smooth finish, and is durable. That being said, it is not always the best foundation choice for all skin types. A good artist will determine what method of application will give you the result you are looking for.
Is the makeup waterproof?
Silicone based makeups are water resistant, not water proof. There are few makeups on the market that are truly waterproof and these are not typically appropriate for beauty makeup applications. However, if you take care to blot rather than rub any tears/sweat your makeup will last through your event.

The mascara used for bridal and event makeup is always waterproof.
Will my lipstick stay on all day?
No, you will need to reapply eventually. I will provide anyone that receives makeup services with a touch up kit that contains enough lip stick for 2 – 3 touch ups.
Can you contour me like (insert celebrity)?
Subtle contouring appropriate for your face is applied with every makeup application. Severe contouring seen on Instagram, YouTube etc. is not recommended. The amount of makeup and filters used to create these looks is extensive. Trust me when I say that these looks do not translate well to real life. You will want to look classic in your photos, not trendy.
What brand of makeup do you use?
I use high end and professional brands of makeup including but not limited to: Bobbi Brown, MAC, Makeup Atelier, Temptu, NARS, Natasha Denona, LORAC, Hourglass, etc. I use the best products from each brand. I am constantly trying out new products and revamping my selection as I find new favorites.
Should I wear lashes?
For most bridal and special event makeup I do recommend them. They really make the eyes stand out in photos and they come in many styles to fit any type of look. For clients with overly sensitive eyes it may be best to avoid using them. If you are unsure if you want them I suggest trying them out at your bridal trial or prior to your special event.
Do I need to do a bridal trial?
Yes a trial is mandatory for all bridal clients. It makes the wedding day much less stressful when you already have a plan and feel comfortable with your artist.
What should I do to prepare for my makeup application?
You should have clean, moisturized skin. I recommend light exfoliation a few days prior. If you have questions about an appropriate exfoliation method please contact me.
What should I avoid for a good makeup application?
Avoid any harsh treatments immediately before your wedding date. Schedule facials and other treatments at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event. Avoid using SPF products on the day of your event as these can interfere with flash photography.
What should I do to prepare my hair for styling?
You should have clean dry hair for your trial and wedding day.
Why do you charge more for bridal makeup?
There are a couple reasons that the bridal makeup and hair fee is more expensive. The first is that extra time and detail is given to the bride. I allow more time on the wedding day for your styling so that you will have time to review and make any changes to the look without feeling rushed. Also, the bridal fee includes time spent before the wedding preparing contracts, responding to questions, etc.

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